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Becoming a global company for herbs and spices, with international standard, that beneficially serves the community.

Developing naturally herbal products that are produced by modern technology and based on continuous research to raise the awareness of well-being and healthy lifestyle.


The recipe of the jamu is originally from our neighbor called “Mak Kim Eng”. As an elderly widow, she wanted to inherit her skills in producing jamu so it would keep healing and helping people. As time goes by, Mak Kim Eng became a part of Kus Hariono family.

In 1965, Kus Hariono and his wife started the business at Jalan Sido Mulyo Gg 5/5A in Mojokerto, a small town in East Java, 50 km south of Surabaya. It was well-known as the capital of Majapahit Kingdom.

Equipped with essential experience and various books about health, supported by jamu lover community and with solid attitude and hard work, Kus Hariono and his wife maintain the quality of the products. The couple has managed to tackle some obstacles, including during the frying process when the aroma is usually created and the water is reduced, to keep the bitterness and the color of the jamu.

Penjualan di Sidomulyo

In the beginning, they only served the powder jamu and it was a sit-in service. It made the distribution of the products limited to Mojokerto and the surroundings only. The marketing was only based on ‘word of mouth’ of the early customers in Sido Mulyo. Slowly but surely, SIDO JODO has established a strong market niche in Mojokerto.

SIDO JODO then gained its popularity and expanded to some other cities in East Java. In 1984, Kus Hariono made his first son, Kus Hadianto, his successor, with help from his other son, Kus Harisusanto. They moved the production into Jalan Jayanegara 185, Mojokerto

Films were then used as a medium to promote their products. Feedback from the customers has also helped improve the products. Not only the quality, a closer approach to the customers helps SIDO JODO refine its product answering the customers’ demand.

In 1985, distribution of the product was carried by motorcycles and fans, hoping that SIDO JODO would be more popular among people in East Java and surroundings. Demand from the market increased. SIDO JODO then added more troops to expand its business in Central Java and West Java.

Mobil Kanvas SIDO JODO

The fire in the factory in 1994

The greatest challenge was when the factory of SIDO JODO in Jalan Jayanegara got completely burned in 1994. It was then moved to a bigger place in Tegalsari, Desa Jabon, Mojokerto. It remains the permanent place until now. Looking at the spirit, good will and persistence of the first generation of SIDO JODO, Kus Hadianto and Kus Harisusanto were determined to bring SIDO JODO to be a great company and well-known among Indonesians.

Through hard work and support from a lot of people, SIDO JODO has now become a national herbal (jamu) company. Occupying more than one hectare area, SIDO JODO keeps expanding and developing and has now distributed its products to more than 5000 jamu outlets and supermarkets in the country. ‘Blind Test’ has been implemented to test SIDO JODO products, in which the customers try jamu SIDO JODO and compare it with the competitors. Compliment, critics and feedback from the customers and distributors have motivated the Department of Research and Development (R&D) to reflect and improve the formula and the forms of the products such as capsule, liquid and granule. The products have expanded into modern yet herbal food and beverage. Jamu SIDO JODO is the right choice to keep one healthy.


We want SIDO JODO to improve and becoming a trusted brand for all the people, both Indonesian and the world and also actively contributes to promoto a healthy lifestyle through our range of products. - Kus Hadianto